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Web2 Using NextJS

Duration: ( 13 Weeks )

Common In All Specializations

W2-201: Developing Planet-Scale Web 2.0 Serverless Cloud Apps and APIs using Next.js 13 and Cloud Development Kit (CDK) for Terraform

Course Description

The objective of this course is to teach participants to develop customer-facing planet-scale Websites, Full-Stack Apps and templates, Dashboards, and Muti-Cloud Serverless APIs. By the end of the quarter, the participants will be able to develop and deploy web platforms like Facebook, Shopify, etc. The technologies covered in this course will include Next.js 13, Figma, Tailwind CSS, Chakra UI, tRPC, QraphQL, Prisma, Cockroachdb Serverless (PostgreSQL Compatible), AWS Serverless Technologies, and Cloud Development Kit for Terraform (CDKTF).

Course Outline

1. Next.js 13 Web Development

Learn Next 13 Official Documentation

Latest Learn React Official Website

Learn Next.js 13 Learning Repo

2. Next.js 13 using Chakra UI (Remote Zoom Class)

CSS Flexbox Explained – Complete Guide to Flexible Containers and Flex Items

Learn Chakra UI From Official Website

3. UI/UX Design with Figma, TailwindCSS, and Chakra UI (Remote Zoom Class)

Designing and Prototyping Interfaces with Figma: Learn essential UX/UI design principles by creating interactive prototypes for mobile, tablet, and desktop by Fabio Staiano

Figma Design Kit for TailwindCSS

Figma Design Kit for Chakra UI

4. API Routes with Next.js (Remote Zoom Class)

Next JS Api Route

5. APIs with Next.js and tRPC (Remote Zoom Class)

Build a tRPC CRUD API Example with Next.js

Stop building REST APIs for your Next.js apps, use tRPC instead

6. SQL and Prisma

Start from scratch with relational databases

SQL For Beginners Video Tutorial

Database Management Systems and SQL – Tutorial for Beginners

7. Next.js 13 using TailwindCSS (Remote Zoom Class)

Modern CSS with Tailwind, Second Edition by Noel Rappin

8. AWS Application Composer (Remote Zoom Class)

What is AWS Application Composer?

Event-driven apps with AWS Application Composer

Visually design and build serverless applications quickly

Must Have: Create Free AWS Account

Note : For AWS Free Tier you will need a credit or debit card. The easiest way for Pakistani students is to open a bank account with Meezan Bank. Open a Meezan Aasan Account if you have no earning proof. Meezan Bank will charge Rs. 1100 for ATM Debit Card and there is a requirement of Rs. 100 minimum deposit. The card will be delivered in a few weeks. Our students have reported that this Debit card works with AWS.

Now you can create a virtual VISA Debit card through the NayaPay app (https://www.nayapay.com/ ) which can be used to create AWS/GCP/Azure accounts. This is good news for those students who find it difficult to create physical debit and credit cards from banks.

You can also get a $300 credit

9. Multi-Cloud GraphQL Serverless API Development with Cloud Development Kit for Terraform (CDKTF) (Remote Zoom Class)

Learn Multicloud Serverless API Development using CDK Terraform in Baby Steps

10. Web 2.0 Projects

Next.js Projects

Styling Next.js Projects using TailwindCSS and Chakra UI

Todo Full-Stack App

Build a Twitter Clone